Home Discussion Forum Where can i find good/pro tarot reader in Singapore?

Where can i find good/pro tarot reader in Singapore?

i wanna got a real Tarot card reading… where can i find in Singapore?


  1. well…you should go to Changi ….its a place in Singapore .. IT is known as the old Changi Flats. You go and ask the anyone who stay around there and they will tell you. Or you can even go to Bedok. House number 13 , …..hope it helps…

  2. Oh..by the i just stumbled upon a new website – http://www.thursdaytarot.com. I tried the online msn tarot reading sessioin. A female tarot reader in Singapore, quite friendly and she is quite good as she helps me to see more things within my career aspect. No harm trying as the price is quite reasonable.

  3. Hi there,
    I would highly recommend Tarot by Sharan. I have had 2 readings with her and both have been spot on. Have recommended my friends and sister to her and they have all been blown away by her accuracy.
    She is originally from Singapore but moved to the UK now and conducts her readings by Skype.

  4. Hi,
    Anyone seeking for guidance/advice on love, career or children’s matter through tarot reading? Personally i don’t do any health reading. Seek a doctor for that and it’s email reading for now. If you are interested, pls email at newdirectionsaway@gmail.com for more details, thanks.


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