Where can I find good yoga meditation music where it sounds like buddhist or something like that singing in?

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the background?

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Egyptian Magician

Dead Can Dance
Constance Demby
There’s a bunch at the link below. I use http://www.pandora.com also. You just type in an artist or song like what you want, and they will stream similar songs and artists indefinitely.


you tube, look up meditation music, chanting, whatever you want.

Dances with Buddha

You may like Indian (India) style of music called kirtan.
Traditionally sung in Sanskrit, the vocals are usually a call and response chant.
Krishna Das is a widely popular kirtan singer, and in my opinion, one of the most soulful.
I also like Dave Stringer, many of whose more up-tempo arrangements have a touch of jazz.
If you search the music section at Amazon.com for “kirtan” you will find many additional kirtan performers.
A slow tempo duet by Krishna Das and his daughter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubZ0ZN6q_2w
Krishna Das, up-tempo:
p.s. Kirtan is rooted in Hinduism.
If really looking for something connected to Buddhism, I’d recommend following:
– “Chants to Awaken the Buddhist Heart”, Lama Surya Das & Steven Halpern
If Tibetan-style throat singing (overtone singing) appeals to you:
– “Tibetan Master Chants”, Lama Tashi
– “Tibetan Chants for World Peace”, Gyuto Monks Choir


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