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Where can I find good sources on Meditation?

I have heard people use that word all the time: Meditation is a great stress reliever,… meditation helps you…. Meditation does wonders, but once it came to that point nobody provided a clear step-by-step guide on how to meditate?
Does anyone really know?
Does it go beyond,- relax, inhale deeply, think happy, calming thoughts?


  • I think i may just have the answer to your question right here. I was looking on the internet myself for a meditation course as i want to try it myself for stress reason and i came across this site http://www.project-meditation.org which i think could be very useful to yourself and also to myself.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have been meditating for 40 years.

    I posted a brochure that teaches Zen to my blog January 8th. Click on my avatar, then my 360 profile, then my blog, then you can go to January 8th or click on zen in the tag cloud.

    http://www.actualism.org teaches actualism meditation online free of charge.

    I think there are a few places online that teaches vipissana meditation as well.

  • HI Bonnie
    Please check my blog for short meditation.
    If you want to have a step by step instruction I can send you a mp3 of meditation in my voice.

  • you can create your own guided meditation cd
    check out the book entitled self hypnosis by William w. Hewitt. it takes you step by step on what you will need to create your own personal guided meditations for just about any purpose you can think of ie stop smoking, reduce stress, overcome health problems, there are also ones you can buy already made, check out your local bookstores, or even on ebay..

    good luck

  • There are some nice guided meditations out there, they have some cds you can buy at pranichealing.com or i think Susan Gregg has one you can listen to on her site for free. susangregg.com Punch in guided meditations in search and I am sure there are more out there

  • I have many friends who are into meditation. This is what they claimed as well. That the happiness and calm they find through meditation is indescribable.

    It is usually just that – relax and keep still, think happy or no thoughts, concentrate on your breath. It may sound simple but it is about the hardest thing in the world to do. I find it hard to still my mind.

    Here is a catalogue of articles contributed by several authors on this subject

  • yes there are a number of mantras and breathing technquies
    one is called the prymid which is the most commonly know one
    inhale for 5-10 seconds hold breath for 3-6 seconds and exhale 5-10 seconds while doing this close your eyes and try to shut your brain off i know this sounds hard and it will be thats why theres differant levels of mediation the mind is like the ocean always moving indefinaly like the tides lapping at the shore thoughts roll in and roll back out you want to try to rest your mind the bief moments between thoughts this is the true goal of meditation to quite the outside world and listen to the inside one
    all of those thoughts about the boss or the children or the state of the goverment are bad they only distract once youve quitened
    that youll know what im talking about and thats only the tip of the iceburg also they keep the knees crossed and elbows on the knees to help the flow of energy through the body it is thought that masters of meditaion can actually leave thier bodies as well as some other crazy stuff monks in tibet go into the freezeing snow and drench them selves in water then they meditate and actaully raise thier body tempature so high it littreraly dries the cloth on thier bodies before your eyes in seconds amazing i read a book by signol riponche i think thats the correct speeling but it’s the best translation of the book of the living and the book of the dying
    into english i’ve ever come across (it’s a book on buddahism)
    i suggest you read it even if just for entertaiment value
    i did and it really gave me a new prespective on things
    (im not religious just spritual)

  • nope thats about all there is to it
    dont let these new age hippies fool you, Yes meditation is good for you but you dont need to spend money on it. Just as you said relax breath and clear your head is basically all you need to do

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