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Where can I find cheap tarot cards?

I really want to get into tarot cards. They just interest me so much and I need a new hobby. The deck of cards that really interest me is Terry Donaldson’s Dragon Tarot and the only problem is that their really really expensive! Can anyone give me a link perhaps of a online store where I can order them for less then $29.00 or tell me a location of a store that sells them in Pembroke Pines Fl?


  1. I would download this free application: http://www.myshoppingenie.com/cheapstuff basically what this app does is every time you search for a product on google/yahoo/bing, it will automatically search the whole internet for the cheapest price of what you are looking for. I got my cards at an awesome prices using it. Check it out! it hasn’t disappointing me so far. Let me know if you need anything else. it will also search amazon, ebay, and craigslist

  2. You can usually find tarot cards at major bookstores such as Barnes and Noble. However, I usually like to shop online, I like the initial thrill of purchasing the item, the anticipation as well as the unexpected joy in receiving the item as I usually forget it’s on its way. I have been looking into buy a new deck myself and if you shop around you can most likely find a deck as low as $3 on Amazon.com, although between $3-9 range you can find an awful lot of decks. The specific deck you mentioned I found on amazon for about seven dollars.
    Hope this Helps and Good Luck 😀

  3. I found them at Overstock.com for $9.45. But it said the sell out Risk is very high. I guess that means they don’t have many.
    I found them on Amazon Market Place for under $6.00 new (about $10.00 once you add shipping) and used it starts at $0.21 with about $4.00 shipping.
    I’ve bought many of my decks used an never had a problem.
    Good Luck!


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