Home Discussion Forum Where can I find beautiful, unique necklaces for my 4 bridesmaids?

Where can I find beautiful, unique necklaces for my 4 bridesmaids?

I’m having a fall wedding and would like to give my bridesmaids each a necklace to wear during and after the wedding. They are wearing ivory tops with a espresso skirt and will be carrying a bouquet of all different colored fall flowers. I’d like to find something different for each of them, but with the same basic colors or themes. I especially like citrine or pearls and floral designs. Anyone have any ideas of where to look. My budget is kind of low…$40-$70 per necklace.


  1. Try a jewelry company. I’m with a direct sales jewelry company called lia sophia. We have a lot of different things and we also have a save plan. In the month of August our special is buy 2 or more items and get an equal number of items at 1/2 price, our savings is ALWAYS on the MOST EXPENSIVE items. you can check our catalog out at http://www.liasophia.com where do you live?? try the advisor locator and find someone in your area and u can have a party and possibly get what you want for free.

  2. I was in a wedding recently, and the bride and her mother made necklaces and earrings for all of the bridesmaids and it was very inexpensive! They were beautiful; made of swarovski crystals.

  3. weekendjewelry.com, and clunygrey.com. and alorabridaldesigns.com These three designers have a nice selection of bridal jewelry. I have purchased from weekend jewelry and the designer and owner is a very lovely person. By the way she has a sale going on today..I think it ends at midnight which includes her bridal jewelry, buy one and get one of equal value or lower free. great opportunity.


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