Home Discussion Forum where can i find Anton Lavey`s ``The Satanic Witch`` ?

where can i find Anton Lavey`s “The Satanic Witch“ ?

I searched in shops but is really hard to find…. i don`t trust online shops so please don`t bother.
i live in Europe and many online shops don`t send their products here anyway….
can i read it online somewhere or download it ?
or is there someone that has it in PDF and is willing to send it to me?
PS- Christians please don`t bother to tell me that i will burn in hell because i already know that……


  1. I ordered all my LaVey material from Amazon.com.
    The Satanic Witch is a very good read that deals with everything from the types of witches to methods of seduction, lesser/greater magic.
    Recently I ordered Peter Gilmore’s “Satanic Scriptures” from amazon.
    It’s also a great read that I’d reccomend with the rest fo LaVey’s literature.
    If you like, message me & I’ll try to get you the PDF in the meanwhile.
    Ave Satanus.

  2. Google used book stores in San francisco. When I was a kid in SF I would see his books there all the time. To be more specific Google Haight Ashbury shops. I don’t know how many used books stores are still left there that is where I got the Satanic Bible.

  3. Praise Father God!!! Your in luck, while your waiting, try The Holy Bible. You don’t to accept destruction, The Father loves you, just like every other human on earth . But He does love you enough to let you make that choice.

  4. Well, if you know you’re going to Hell, then I don’t really think you know what it’s like there. Here’s a link of someone who has been there and who has come back to warn people about it.
    Don’t you care if your soul is going to be eternally tormented?
    Come to Jesus and no matter what will forgive you and you don’t have to worry about the eternal destination of your soul.
    Did you know that Jess Lavey who claims he’s Anton Lavey’s son is an ex-Satanist and is now leading people to Jesus. He got deliverance from demonic forces. He speaks about how his father Anton Lavey used to beat him with a whip, a crowbar, that his father castrated him and raped him when he was a child and tried to force him to lead the church of Satan. His daughter Zeena (fact-she is his daughter) claims that her father allowed the sexual assault of her son Stanton Levay, however Stanton denies it happened. Zeena and her husband released “Anton Levay: Legend and Reality” in which she claims her father made false claims regarding his family and career
    http://www.answers.com/Anton%20LaVey – look under controversy
    I don’t know if these claims are true or not but I do know that Satan is real and that reading anything that has to do with him and following his ways will lead you to a dangerous place. There have so many ex-Satanists who have turned away and warn people about it and turned to God.
    This next link is really good and holds a wealth of information.
    I hope you will realize the truth and know that God is whom you need – Whom everyone needs and He is Truth whereas the Devil is the Father of Lies.
    God Bless


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