Where can I find and buy the satanic bible by anton lavey here in the philippines?

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Kindly post stores in metro manila or quezon city where I could buy one thanks.

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You obviously have the internet. Try there, they sell just about everything. Most physical stores probably won’t stock it.

Fear Muff!

Ebay is your friend.


E-bay or Amazon

The Dark Side

It doesn’t cost much from Amazon.

Random panther ASU.

I think your best bet may be to ask your local bookstore to order it for you. Failing that try Ebay or Amazon or the like.

Prometheus Unbound

I believe the whole book can be read on line, if you don’t necessarily want to own it.


Go to the government buildings or maybe the free masons lodge you should surly be able to find one there!


In the spirit of his book… I can give it to you for free… if you want…


There is no such thing…

Luci J

Do you think HP Lovecraft wrote Necronomicon?


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