Where can I find an inexpensive garden Buddha statue?

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I’m looking for a garden (outdoor) Buddha statue. Material can be stone, concrete, or any variety of composite that will withstand the outdoors. Most vendors I have found cater to the trendy set. This is for a Theravada Buddhist non profit and we cant afford to pay a lot of money. The size we are looking for is at least 36 inches. Thanks

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anabel [Redskins☮]

the doller store?

Papa McCain

How inexpensive is inexpensive. I’ve searched many sites and almost all 36″ Buddhas are in the low $200’s. If you live anywhere close to the Mexican border, you can pick up plaster Buddhas for a lot less than that. Good Luck, Namaste.


have you looked on ebay? Or Maybe in a craft supply store such as Michaels or AC Moore. Often times they have things like that. Also, there are oriental stores in a LOT of malls, such as an asian store that sells just asian themed things. Best of luck, i hope you find what you’re looking for!


If your anywhere near Tasmania, Australia got a few made in Balianese volcanic stone, some fitted as water features, and a white sandstone type stone? Also available large hand in pose? Belong to the landlord but he will sell they are crated ready for transport.


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