Home Discussion Forum Where can I find an inexpensive garden Buddha statue?

Where can I find an inexpensive garden Buddha statue?

I’m looking for a garden (outdoor) Buddha statue. Material can be stone, concrete, or any variety of composite that will withstand the outdoors. Most vendors I have found cater to the trendy set. This is for a Theravada Buddhist non profit and we cant afford to pay a lot of money. The size we are looking for is at least 36 inches. Thanks


  1. How inexpensive is inexpensive. I’ve searched many sites and almost all 36″ Buddhas are in the low $200’s. If you live anywhere close to the Mexican border, you can pick up plaster Buddhas for a lot less than that. Good Luck, Namaste.

  2. have you looked on ebay? Or Maybe in a craft supply store such as Michaels or AC Moore. Often times they have things like that. Also, there are oriental stores in a LOT of malls, such as an asian store that sells just asian themed things. Best of luck, i hope you find what you’re looking for!

  3. If your anywhere near Tasmania, Australia got a few made in Balianese volcanic stone, some fitted as water features, and a white sandstone type stone? Also available large hand in pose? Belong to the landlord but he will sell they are crated ready for transport.


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