I want to learn self control and how to bring myself to a higher consciousness. Ill do Kung Fu, or Bushido. Where does one look for a master?


  • yahoo and search the for a style eg wing chun kung fu and then find a master either near you or who is legendary that will take u on move to a place near his/her school

  • If you want to obtain enlightenment through Kung Fu, or Aikido, or Karate-do, you may not be able to find a master to start under. This is no problem, as you can find a sensei (usually a blackbelt) or Sifu near you to teach you the physical aspects of a martial art. Then as you’ve outgrown that sensei, you’ll travel to find a “Master” either near where you live, states away, or even in China, Japan or Okinawa! Either way, it will be a lifelong pursuit.

  • I guess it depends where you are located, there are plenty around. I am a videographer who films a lot of martial arts and have met quite a few really brillant kung fu masters in the USA, mostly on the east coast. If you are in this area, email me at wushuboy001@yahoo.com and i will help you find someone near you.
    Master Kam Lee is in florida, he is real good, but he doesnt have a kung fu school.
    Master Malee Khow is in Connecticut.
    there are a number of masters in new york, california, ohio.
    I dont know anything about Bushido, only Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Although my name implies Contempory Wushu, I am actually heavily into traditional Kung Fu styles and Tai Chi.
    There are quite a few in South America also, and Canada.
    You will find the best Kung Fu masters in the world here in the USA, not in China, despite what you would think.

  • Well Bushido is not an art. It’s the warrior’s code. You don’t really need that. It should already be a part of you. Also, don’t be closed minded. Kung-fu is one of the most intricated arts in the commerical world and it’s hard to master. I’m not saying you can’t do it, I’m just telling you. So if you want to find a master find someone on the 5th dan level or higher. In most martial arts that is considered master status. Since you want Gong-fu (The correct way of saying kung-fu) I would suggest you go to China. Few are outside China. So good luck to you. Oh by the way the two things you stated you can learn by yourself.

  • Take a trip around the world, and live as one.

    If you want to be a master, then you only have to be yourself. But know that there are no absolutes, no masters, live yourself, live how you want to, die as you want to, know what is good/bad and know what is important, and live so that you will have no regrets. There are many people who are called masters, and the quickest way to find one will probably be google.
    As for self control, again, live as you want.

    K, yeah, sometimes you’ll find masters in everyday life. You can acheive much in your life, don’t let it go to waste, everything within the eye of the beholder and Nothing is written. This is my teaching, as of now.

    Bushido will teach focus, Kung Fu teaches peace.

    Look for mastery in everything in life, yadayadayada….yeah..look, no-ones perfect and take a trip around the world. Money is of no concern. Find a way(don’t get thrown in goal/jail) then, I assure you, you’ll find that ‘higher conciousness’ your looking for.

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