Where can I find a kundalini yoga class in my location??






I already take Hatha Yoga classes.
My fave is the kundalini yoga bigtime
However cannot seem to find any classes anymore in my area
anything online [sites]?
already tried meetups.com it didn’t have any listings
you idiot, because obviously I’ve taken a class nutwod.
what is so hard about the you facing the fact that I took a kundalini yoga class?
it’s like any other class dipsh@t, you just sign up and participate. Sheesh!


  1. In my opinion, “Laya Yoga” by Shyam Sundar Goswami is very good book to understand the concept. Alternatively, you can read Kundali Yoga by Bihar School of Yoga. For practice you need to have an experienced person who can guide you on this path.

  2. Have you spoken to your Hatha Yoga instructor about including KY postures or asanas. How do you know that your “fave is the kundalini yoga bigtime”? If you have done the classes before, you know where to go. If you haven’t, are you just guessing that it will be? You also don’t mention your location.

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