Where can I find a group of real persons with a third eye ?

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I am a real person with a third eye which “pops out” everytime I dream of something in Full Living color.
I even felt the plane crash site of John F. Kennedy Jr. and faxed the same to the White House, resulting in its recovery after 12 hours.

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Shawn B

There’s no such thing as a third eye, and you’re drunk
If you faxed that thing to the white house you’d be in some subterranean bunker by now


Interesting question. Sorry I don’t really have an answer, as I don’t know. I just know that when I don’t pay attention to my intuition it is usually a big mistake.
Just as an aside–The Hubbo felt the missile Korea shot off over Japan something like 8 or 9 years ago half a world away. I thought he was being slightly nutso, but he was so insistent. “Didn’t you feel that?” he asked me. I said “What?” He didn’t really know how to describe it, but said it was sort of like some kind of atmospheric or magnetic disturbance. Later that day the breaking news was about the missile.
There were other instances too, or I would have dismissed this one as mere coincidence.


thats interesting, never heard of such a thing. but i would imagine there are some type of group of people like you on yahoo groups.. u should look there


You are thinking of ESP and there are a few around that claim to have it.
But why was the WH involved in a search for a plane? The FAA was the place you should have addressed.


It lives in the white house, but it is not a third eye it is a hole from a labatomy


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