Where can I find a good psychic medium in Kansas (close to Overland Park)?

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I want to find a medium in Kansas but I don;t want to go to one that is a fake.

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There is no such thing as a good psychic medium. They put on a phony act like the WWE.


The International House of Prayer has what they call “prophecy rooms”. It is really cool. I have gone before and everything they said was true. I really felt the love of God. All the people are really nice and while you wait for your turn to go in you can sit in the prayer room where they have live worship music that is really good.
To get an appointment you can email prophecyrooms@ihop.org
Also the address is 3535 E. Red Bridge Rd, Kansas City, MO. It’s not far from Overland Park.


Go to the white light book store on 39th st a few blocks east of KU med center. On the weekends they regularly have people of a number of skills offering service in store, they could at the very least offer you a good referral. Happy hunting. 😉


First, it is not necessary to interface with a psychic in person. Genuine psychics can give very accurate readings over the phone, email, internet, webcam, etc.. Real psychics are able to connect with the energy of the person from anywhere in the world and be able to give very accurate readings and advice on the specifics of the problem at hand. They work with the energy of the person, pictures, etc… This is why many genuine psychics have clients all over the world, not just locally. And most work by word of mouth. This is why most people have trouble finding a genuine accurate professional psychic. Because the good ones are hard to find, and for some odd reason, those people that have one seem to want to keep their psychics to themselves.
Second, each psychic has different gifts and different degrees of power, so just because you go to one psychic and they are not able to help in one area doesn’t mean that a different psychic cannot either. I’ve seen many cases where one psychic cannot help but another can. The psychic ability is a God-given gift and it’s not the same for everyone who has it.
Hope that helps. If you’d like feel free to contact me.


Here’s my favorite http://karenelise.com


Im in search of a psychic who in north kansas city some 10-12 yrs ago her name is Nancy..i wiuld love to get in touch w her again.please contact me if you have any info on her.


Did you mean Cindy in the northland?

I’m a medium with some great references and travel to KC from time to time. Facebook.com/heartlandmediumvicky


I know one up in the northlands but I think she exclusively does phone or Skype readings now. I had two readings with her and she was absolutely amazing! http://www.kansascityastrology.com

Lisa Ashlee

I went to Cindy Mckean. She is very professional, personable, and gives very accurate readings. I already referred 5 friends. KansascityAstrology.com


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