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Where can I find a good clairvoyant?

My wonderful pet parrot as been missing for 3 days now and I’m desperate to know where she might be:( Where can I find reputable CLAIRVOYANTS..THAT CAN GIVE ME DETAILED INFORMATION WHERE SHE MIGHT BE?


  1. The first place I would try is Hogwarts School for Wizards.
    Nobody has been able to convincingly prove paranormal abilities exist, sorry. There are no good clairvoyants. If you ask them to find your parrot, most likely they will tell you their powers dont work that way.

  2. Sorry for the loss of your parrot.
    I see you asked about this in the bird section too, that was very sensible and it looks like you got some helpful answers.
    Unfortunately no person has the power to magically know for sure where your bird may have gone although many may have a guess at it.
    I hope you have good luck finding her.

  3. I did call one to help find my keys once & tho she was correct, her clues were vague–like beside a step or stairs–well one step was by the Kitchen door & the stairs were to the basement–turns out they were in the trash bag in the basement beside the stairs–but I had to search through 2 bags of trash to find them! It would have been more helpful if she’da said they were in trash!?
    With your bird, a psychic might say in a green place or a high place, with people, in a white house or room… There may not be enough detail for you to find it anyway & you’d just lose money. How about putting out LOST posters with a big pictures of it all around your neighborhood?

  4. I am sorry to hear about your parrot, that is a real bugger. Why don’t you try brainstorming with your vet as to how to lure her back home? I don’t know what climate you live in, but I know this is possible. I wish you the very best. Whether you find a “clairvoyant” or just an intuitive helper to guide you a little or just give you some peace of mind regarding your bird.


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