where can i find a good carl jung personality test online to share with my friends?

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looking for a link please!

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There is a personality test on Humanmetrics.com
or you can google Myers Briggs personality test.


The Jungster never invented a personality test, as far as I am aware. Try the Myers-Briggs, as mentioned above, or the ‘Big Five’ test.

Dr. Bob

1. There is no good Carl Jung personality test on line. For one thing, Jung did not create personality tests. For another, no personality test on line can be good.
2. The MBTI is not a Carl Jung personality test. It was written by two women who got caught up in Jung’s ideas about extraversion and introversion and expanded on those ideas with their own. They were not psychologists or Jungians, and had no idea what they were doing.
3. ANY personality or psychological test on line BY DEFINITION is not good. By being on line and available to the general public without professional interpretation such tests automatically lose their credibility (their validity and reliability) and the results are of no more use than one’s horoscope. For example, the results (the four letters) of the MBTI are only good for breaking the ice at a cocktail party or being used as a pick-up line in a bar.
4. Why would you want to share a personality test with your friends? It’s not some kind of game, you know…the psychological testing of individuals for personality disorders is a very serious enterprise and is not to be taken lightly. Would you sit around with your friends drinking beer on a Saturday night and get chuckles out of a test on, say, one’s likelihood to die of cancer? I don’t think so.


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