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Where can I find a family tree of all the world's religions?

I don’t want a family tree of Norse gods, Greek deities, Christian denominations or their prophets – I want a tree that displays all religious belief in relation to one another.
Where Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism, folk-religions of certain countries and countless others are displayed in a web that connects and parallels one another.
I just can’t seem to find one, and its my belief its because of the controversial value of such a topic.
I would love to look upon such a map. Any suggestions?


  1. Forget the map, there is a book called 12th Planet by Zecariah Sitchin, it contains a very detailed essay that shows and highlights all the connections between just about every religion in existence. Its 197 pages of a read, not sure where you can get it from though, I have it on my computer but perhaps a web search will yield a more accessible form.

  2. Here’s one that is on the net at the following link:
    But it’s very flawed. For instance Judaism (Temple Judaism) did not really start until 1250 B.C. (not 2500 B.C.), beginning with Moses and ended in 70 A.D. Christianity and Modern “Rabbinical” Judaism are actually close in age, Christianity 30-33 A.D. & Rabbinical Judaism began about 90 A.D. both splitting from the same ancient religion.
    It is correct in that all the major religions, other than Christianity & Judaism, are not related one to another. Each originating from seperate and often isolated ancient socities.


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