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where can i find a book of shadows or charmed book of shadows replica for the right amount of money?

im not looking for an ebook.im only looking for a book of shadows that has spells potions everything all the info for under $250
i tried talopolly amazon and some of ebay
thank you everyone for you answers
i know know what to do but now im really intrested in just having a replica of the book of shadows from charmed im a hudge!!! fan where could i find one for under $250


  1. Book of Shadows [BOS] are personal and private.
    They are not for sale [ at least by the serious practitioner] unless it is a revised replica of the original sold by a publisher and these published copies are usually inaccurate and inconsistent.

  2. i thought you had to make your own, a grimoire or a book of shadows is like a diary just that you write down your own spells,potions, herbs, what rituals you have performed and such, and write notes of how it worked or maybe improvements you want to make


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