Home Discussion Forum Where can I download some good Pagan music for free?

Where can I download some good Pagan music for free?

I am looking for Pagan chants, ritual and meditation music etc, which I can download off the net for free. I’m specifically looking for Nordic and Heathen chants and music, though any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. Soundclick.com also if you have realplayer it had a download video option which can then be converted to audio only. So i snag a lot of mine from youtube. Not always the best route but will work. Check out these this channel.
    and you can get real player here
    🙂 good luck. that youtube link has a lot of awesome chants. and Soundclick has the page for Inkubus Sukubus.

  2. Try out MP3Elevation.com. They offer unlimited music downloads with no limits and they are 100% legal. They have over 11 million songs available and their service is easy to use. I’ve been with them for some time and they have all the songs I want and their download speeds are fast. Check them out at http://www.MP3Elevation.com when you get a chance.


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