where can I download free books about Jewish Kabbalah or Information about this?

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this topic I am interested about reading books of Kabbalah from the Judaism.. or websites plz put it here the websites thankss the books maybe will content about meditations of Judaism, what is Kabbalah ect.. thanks for answering

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Google Kabbalah. You’ll find a plethra of sights.


The above post, although helpful like a search engine, could steer you far from any healthy path.
Kabbalah.com is run by the Kabbalah Centre, the cult-like group celebrities flock to. Their beliefs and methods are not supported by *any* mainstream Jewish group. Everything you see on their web page is also the only *free* information they will ever give you.
Jewfaq.org has an extremely simplified explanation, which isn’t so bad… except their resources for further information are written with equal simplicity. Kabbalah isn’t simple and you should be weary of any website/book/resource that makes it sound simple.
**** Kabbalah.info is run by the Israeli group Bnei Baruch. It offers free downloads of all of their books, as well as free articles translated into English. Their student website is arionline.info where you can also view free video lessons. They have a message board for beginners too, although if you just start asking questions they will almost certainly just post links to the books/articles with the answers. Still, kabbalah.info is the most expansive Kabbalah resource on the Internet. It has the most books and articles in English, and it is entirely free.
kabbalaonline.org isn’t a bad resource, provided that you understand what they teach is academic in nature. Kabbalah is not meant to be applied to the physical world, but this website does just that. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this may be the most useful (just be aware that it’s not authentic Kabbalah).
about.com is one of the worst websites ever created. They give links to anything, steal information from wikipedia (another unreliable source), and are clearly only existence to make money.
I also want to point out that your desire for Kabbalah is fantastic, but you’re going to run into some surprises along the way. Although meditation is perfectly fine and even healthy, it is not part of authentic Kabbalah. So regardless of which website you choose to use, if you’re looking for Kabbalistic meditation, no such thing exists (even if the person is claiming it is a Kabbalistic meditation).
Finally, I still advise you to look at each site for yourself and decide which one works for you. kabbalah.info is my best recommendation, but the choice (obviously) is still yours. Best wishes!


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