Sunday, September 26, 2021

Where can I do Tai Chi in Beijing?

Hi, Can anyone advise a school in Beijing where I can join and do Tai Chi…….. (Dongchen or Chaoyang district please)


  1. I lived in Beijing for three years, I suggest you find a local park, get up early and go to the park there will be TONS of older people doing it, ask one of them to help you learn, they will be thrilled

  2. Rise early and go to a nearby park and learn from those who practice there. If you really want formal instruction and regularly scheduled classes:
    Beijing Chaoyang District Teen-agers Center Wushu school
    Established by the Beijing chaoyang district teen-agers center . Nearly 10 hundreds of students were trained from this school.
    Training Items:
    a. Wushu (Chang quan, Ba Gua, Xing yi, Taiji and kinds of wushu weapons training)
    b. Sanshou
    c. Taekwondo
    Bagua master :Sun Zhi Jun
    Cha Quan master : Qi Mo Ye
    Wu style Taijiquan : Li Bin Ci
    Yang Style Taijiquan : Zhang Yong Tao
    Xing Yi and Ba Gua : Wang De Ming
    Hua Quan : Dong Wen Yu
    Training Fee:
    40 Hours for 20 lessons ,RMB 300-360.
    90 Minites for 1 lesson,(one by one)RMB 120-160.
    Tel:65003270, 65005690
    Also two other teachers:
    Tian Qiu Mao or Tian Qiu xin
    Training Date : From Monday to Friday
    A, Place :Beijing Tao Ran Ting part
    Teacher : Tian Qiu Mao , email:
    B, Place : Tsing Hua University
    Teacher: Tian Qiu xin, email:


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