Where can I do a course on reiki?

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I would like to be fully trained.How long would the course be?I live in Cork, Ireland. Thanks

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You could try looking for a reiki master in the phone book, or go the classifieds on notice boards, magazines and the internet also, try asking in any complimentary therapy salons or chinese medicine shops you come across.
A course varies depending on where you are trained.
Good luck

sandra t

i have a friend who is a reki master..if i new your email address i could put you in touch with her….


The courses typically take 3 parts, Reiki I, II and III / Master. Each takes a weekend, with several weeks in between.
This page is out of date, but scroll down to December 2008. The second entry below that has a contact number for Co. Cork
also try
http://www.west-cork-directory.com/healthdir.shtml (several names)


Reiki has no base in anything real, so no ‘training’ is required.
Get yourself a book, print off one of those official looking certificates from the web, join a ‘natural healing’ or ‘Reiki council’ (or whatever, it’s not like anyone will check!) then set yourself up in business.
It’d probably be a good idea to get yourself police checked for customer reassurance.


Reiki Master Home Study Course is also an option.

Ronni Abrego

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