Home Discussion Forum Where can I buy some tarot cards in San Diego?

Where can I buy some tarot cards in San Diego?

I don’t want to order online.


    • Really? Accuracy has never been a part of the bible. In fact, it is filled with so much inaccurate information(historically, timeline of events,self contradicting….) that I would bet a tarot deck is more accurate. I personally do not believe in psychics or man made ideology as anything more than what it is….. entertainment. In response to your comment i must ask….. Why don’t you try a “tarot reading” Its a guarantee you will get better more accurate answers. Don’t undercut yourself, you’re smarter than this.

  1. not sure about the above “bible” answer, but those cards are fake too. why waste your money. get a good deck of regular cards and learn to play poker very well and make some money. Better chance at it than voodoo mumbo jumbo with your tarot cards


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