Where Can I Buy Some Quantum Physics Rocks? Do They Sell Them at Walmart?

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I keep hearing people say,
Practicing Shaman, Quantum Physics Rocks. Is this some sort of brand name rock? Like a pet rock, but a newer kind?
I seriously want to know…
Seriously, I have know idea what a Quantum Physics Rock is??

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Maybe Bob Lazar sells them on his United Nuclear website.

The Reverend Soleil

I think you smoked them all already…

Captain Bunkum

“rocks” is both a noun and a verb
Personally I would say Quantum Physics is in two places at the same time.
Similarly, I’m uncertain if Heisenberg Rules but I’m positive I’ve lost an electron.
Mendelev rules periodically whilst Einstein rules relatively

mist covered

lol…you are seeing advertisements!!!

Mel-am Meru

no. quantum physics “rocks” dude

Its my Duty

no idea

Crazy Pirate's Ghost

yes, but only if you have a valid shaman’s permit


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