Home Discussion Forum Where can I buy Shamanism Witchcraft book in Malaysia?

Where can I buy Shamanism Witchcraft book in Malaysia?


  1. Why not order the book from http://www.amazon.com They have tons of books there.
    But please take note that most book about shamanism are crap. Some tribes will not sell lessons to learn their ‘medicine’ and not call themselves shamans but medicine men. The word Shaman comes from Siberian tribes, not American.
    Many of the books are mostly New Age stuff that is mostly made up.
    Good luck in your quest though

  2. I can’t tell you that. I don’t know why you want to read that. They have bibles at Wal-Mart for a dollar. Buy one of those.

  3. It may be tough to find such books in Malaysia; however, you can try ordering online–some online book stores may ship internationally. Try Amazon.com – they do have a really good selection, and I think they ship pretty much any place. I know the closest branch they have is http://www.amazon.jp (though that particular site is in Japanese, which you may or may not read). But I’m assuming that if they have a branch in Japan, it wouldn’t be too much trouble to ship to Malaysia.


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