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Where can I buy loose double terminated point rose quartz?

I’m looking for a 6 faced polished, double terminated point rose quartz (2 points) about 1.5″ to 2″ long. I’ve searched endless for a loose quartz (and not bound as a pendant yet as I’m planning to make my own crystal jewellery). Please anyone, help. Three months looking into this and am exasperated! Thanks!


  1. On eBay. Absolutely every thing is sold on eBay. I too am a rock hound to a certain degree. Lately I’ve been collecting opal carvings. There are a great many good crystal sellers. Much of the time, you don’t have to bid. There will be a fixed price.

  2. My friend Shari at Star Woman Crystals might have a contact.
    I don’t think she has anything in stock right now, since I also was looking for jewelry points and she didn’t have any rose quartz when I visited her shop over the weekend, but she she’s been in the business for years and has some good contacts.
    e-mail her: shop@starwomancrystals.com

  3. Rose, or Pink, quartz crystals are rare and your best bet will likely be from a dealer in rare gem stones, a genuine jeweller.
    If it is the real thing it will not be cheap.
    Nobody is sure about why Rose Quartz is so rare as crystals.
    It is common enough as massive material that crystals should be found, but they very seldom are, and I think they are only found in the Minas Gerais area in Brazil.
    You might be able to find some that have been cut and polished from massive material.
    I think I would consider using other material.
    First I would get in touch with a local jewelry maker because they might be able to help you find a crystal.

  4. Any science stores in your area? Most of them carry a ton of rocks and crystals, if they don’t have what you’re after, they should be able to help you find it.


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