Where can I buy amethyst crystals?

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I want to do some amethyst crystal healing/spells and have no clue where to buy amethyst. I know I can buy it online, but would rather go to a store and be able to pick the particular one I feel is right for me.
Where do I buy amethyst crystal(s)? I live in New Jersey in the Ocean County area. I have already done searches for metaphysical stores in my area and have found nothing within an hour of where I live. Thanks for your answers in advance!

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I’m not from that area, so i’d say your best bet would be to just go to all the local stores you have and ask around.


You might be able to find it in craft stores. That’s what my source used to be. If not, try asking the people who work in craft stores, to see if they have any ideas.


Look for stores that cater to rock collectors. You can usually get nice specimens there, cheaper than you can at a metaphysical store (where they overcharge for tumbled stones). Also stores where they have jewelry making supplies may have amethyst beads or pendants for sale. Keep an eye on your newspaper for rock & gem shows in your area; they’re usually great sources for all sorts of semi-precious gems, cut, uncut, and tumbled.

evil chucky

try your local new age stores they should have what your looking for


Craft stores or online. I got a few online. They’re not expensive.


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