Where can I buy a tarot deck?





I live in Memphis. I found some in wal-mart but anywhere else?


  1. You should definately check out Ebbo’s Spiritual shop located on Madison in the midtown area. I haven’t been in Memphis in just over 2 years…hope Debbie is still in business…
    They have everything from voodoo to pagan to Christian spiritual supplies. Last time I was in there, they had about 10 different tarot decks…and their incense selection is great.
    You might also try Maggie’s Pharm. They are also located on Madison…don’t know if they carry tarot decks, though. But they are good for everything else…candles, incense, etc.

  2. You may be able to find them in book stores. I know that Borders sells them.
    You could also buy them online from a site like Amazon or eBay.

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