Where can I buy a "Jumbo Glitter Filled Crystal Bouncing Ball"?

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I heard people say that they bought it at Wal-mart or Target but I can’t find it anywhere on their websites. PS: I want to buy it in stores not online.

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I see these here on amazon:
..but they seem expensive to me. I’ve definitely seen them in walgreens before in their summer aisle.

Jonna R

http://www.thefind.com/crafts/info-glitter-bouncing-balls ( In stores. )
Hmm, that’s all I can find, SORRY!


I’ve seen them at gift shops in theme parks, Rite Aid, Meijer… they’re sold everywhere around here! Hmm… they may sell them at an air port with many stores as well!

sarah v

Just go to walmart and buy one. They do carry them, they just don’t sell them on the website. I also saw them at dicks sporting goods near the checkout.


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