Where can I buy a Chinese Buddha Shrine?

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You know those little Buddha houses you see in Chinese restaurants with the oranges on the plate in-front of them? Well I have been looking everywhere for one. But there is no website or anyplace that I have found that sells them. I really want one, so if someone could send me a link that would be great 🙂
I live in California by the way.

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<3 Eurasian girl <3

Ask the people in the chinese resturants, its simple haha,, ive got one of them buddha shrines from hong kong 2 years ago, but if you dont want to fly to china then ask the resturant people!!!


Are you in China or overseas?
Every block, on every street, in every Chinese neighborhood has a place that sells Buddha shrines. China is a very religious country and the shrines are sold everywhere here. All of the “cemetery plot and firecracker” stores sell them. If you live in China, then you know exactly what stores I am talking about.

Elena S

shop “antiques” counter “x-pensive souvenirs”…
can find cheap and ugly in flea markets (Sunday morning)…


You can find that in the small stores beside yonghegong nama temple.
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Check China towns, or have one tailor made.


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