Where can i buy a book of shadows with information already inside?





I bought one a few years ago on ebay and it was not expensive and had pages already filled with blank ones in the back, but now all I can find are expensive ones or blanks. Any ideas are appreciated


  1. Your best bet would be to check the (hardcopy) Yellow Pages
    of a large metropolitan area (like the capital of the state you’re
    in) for “occult”, or “new age”, or “metaphysic”. Sometimes these
    bookstores are listed under “novelty” or “religious supplies”.
    You can then physically browse the titles to see if those are
    what you’re looking for.
    The last title I recall seeing on a shelf was _Lady Sheba’s
    Book of Shadows_ which may be back in print. Do be aware
    that such things mainly have example Ceremony detailed
    for religious observance of the Sabbats.
    Any spells that may be included are just “partial receipes”
    with just enough to “jog the memory” of the owner.
    The blank BoS you’ve been seeing are for people that are
    doing what Lisa_G has suggested. But her suggestion about
    the use of a notepad is a better idea for someone starting out
    …as you’ll probably change your mind a few times on the
    After you’ve gotten the stuff you’re sure you want to keep,
    you can always go get a nicely bound blank book.

  2. Lisa’s idea is great. However if what you are looking for is a complete BOS try Silver Ravenwolf’s Book of Shadows for the Solitary Witch. I know that alot of people don’t like her, but this is a very good book. It should help you out. It is also pretty inexpensive. I think I paid 12.99 or something like that about 3 years ago. It is still in publication. I saw it one some site the other night. Try Barnes and Nobles, I think that’s where I picked up my copy, they have an online site as well. I hope this helps.
    Bright Blessings to you and yours

  3. Honey, just buy a spell book and get a notebook of your own. far simpler, and a lot cheaper. Plus, you can control what energy you want in the book. Not so much in a personal book of shadows.

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