HomeDiscussion ForumWhere can I buy a ♥REAL♥ Kabbalah Bracelet?

Where can I buy a ♥REAL♥ Kabbalah Bracelet?

Can you post a link please?


  1. As a fashion accessory? That’s rather lame. Trying to be madonna.
    Try searching Kabbalah Bracelet – there were LOTS Of hits. And a bit quicker than asking a silly question right?

  2. i think you have to join kabbalah first. i really dont think its right to have a braclet form a religion your not even apart of.

  3. http://store.kabbalah.com/product_info.php?cPath=183&vcats=183&products_id=218
    The money-hungry Kabbalah Centre is the only place that sells the exact same Red String that Madonna and other celebrities wear. It costs $26 and includes enough string for 6-7 bracelets. If you don’t care about what the Kabbalah Centre thinks (and do your research, their methods are not supported by any mainstream Jewish group) the Red String is exactly what it sounds like: a red string. You can get a whole lot more of it for a lot less money by going to any store that sells red yarn and buying the red yarn. No one will be able to tell the difference *guaranteed*.

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