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where are the best cheapest tai chi swords? What should they be made out of?


  1. Well if you want the cheapest your gona get sh@# quality but theres: Check the list of sources underneath paragraph.
    That should do it u can compare prices and as for quality get a 440 stainless steal they hardly rust though if you keep it in good condition with polish it should not rust anything less is more then likely going to rust. There also carbon steel.
    Umm as for quality. Also look for full tang that is when the metal of the sword goes all the way into the hilt or handle of the sword. Its better balance and better quality on where the sword meets hilt.
    $0-100=SUCKIE even though it says full tang or w/e they usually are put togeat badly.
    $200’s- + decent to great
    umm if your looking to buy an authentic sword lol good luck they run in high thousand’s.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Unfortunately you’ve created an oxymoron: best-cheapest. Those 2 words are complete opposites, if you want the best it sure as heck won’t be the cheapest. And vice versa. For some of the best look at:
    The above sword sellers are for Functional swords, (they can actually cut people). The best would be Cold Steel, they have free videos in which they show the durability/effectiveness of their weapons by cutting bamboo, trees, slabs of meat, car doors, etc. The types of metal functional swords are made out of vary extremely, but generally if they are hand-made and/or tempered they are good. These both sell Tai Chi swords.
    If you just need a sword to practice your forms/sparring than don’t waste your money, any old sword will do. A good one to use for practice is a wooden Tai Chi sword, and for forms competitions use a spring or stainless steel sword. Try these sites:
    Unless you have been practicing Tai Chi swords forms for at least 3 yrs I DO NOT recommend that you buy a functional swords, you are GUARANTEED to cut yourself. Even masters have nicked themselves while practicing/demonstrating. So be careful and Happy Training!


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