Where are GOOD psychics in Sacramento, CA, tarot card or palm readers?





I’d like to see a psychic, never done it before. I don’t want to just look someone up, I’d like a reference from someone who has seen the psychic and believes in them. Please help!


  1. My advice if you don’t know someone who can recommend a reader, is to ask at your local New Age Bookstore or Metaphysical school ( If you have one in your area). These places almost always have readers that work for them or with them. The good part is they are usually good readers or they wouldn’t last in that environment.

  2. Ask them if you can record the session. This weeds out the bad psychics who say a bunch of random crap hoping you remember the few bits that make sense. These psychics don’t allow recording devices, because their whole business is based on you remembering the few good bits and forgetting the other 97% of what they said. Slightly better psychics allow recording devices. When I went to UCD, some of my classmates did a project on psychics, and only one in the Sacramento area allowed a camera.
    And by “slightly better” I mean psychics who use cold reading techniques to quickly determine what you are all about and give you some relevant advice. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I heard of a psychologist who became a psychic, and in ten minutes of cold reading he could find out more from his clients than he would have with months of therapy sessions.

  3. nowhere, for it is written, there are none good, no not one.
    Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come.
    Babylon has fallen and all who would be saved must come out. Pray for the eyesalve, the spiritual discernment.

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