When your third eye is opened is there a chance it could close again forever?

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Would you want it to close?
I can understand why someone chooses to close the third eye.

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Depends on whose clothes I’m able to see through with it.


Nope, there is no way to go back to being a virgin again no matter what your boyfriend tells you

Silver phoenix

There is a chance it could close again, and there are some that want it to because they can not handle what they see.
However I do not think it is something that is permanent unless you want it to be.


Anything is possible, so yes there is a chance it could close again–forever!

Rez Rostov

They say that once you are enlightened you cannot become “un-enlightened”
I’ve thought about this before..like if an enlightened Buddha hit his head and got permanent brian damage with amnesia is he still an enlightened buddha? I think the answer is yes but I don’t fully understand it as I don’t fully understand what enlightenment is.
On a more human, everyday level in terms of knowing the difference between what is good and what is bad you can definitely know but choose to look the other way- most of us do it all the time and it can be a real source of stress and self loathing. How do you feel when you know you should take the high road on something but take the low road anyway because it is easier and brings an immediate but much more temporary (and ultimately harmful) pleasure? I beat myself up about it (something else we know better than to do).
So, to the degree of knowing right from wrong but doing wrong anyway I see the answer to the question as being yes and no. No because we know we are doing the wrong thing but theoretically yes because there is the potential for the bad habits to get so ingrained and our minds to change to such a degree that we forget to an extent what we should and should not be doing.


Its actually a minor aneurysm, specifically causing a total lack of proper memory function.


Maybe it depends on who tries to close it and how that person tries to do it too you.


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