When you swear in for a testimony, if you arent christian?

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do you still swear on the bible? like if your wiccan, do you swear on the book of shadows, or musilm, the quran (sp)? i’m just curious

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Some courts now just have people raise their right hand… no bible, because of all the religious beliefs.

Johnny L

Nope, the courts can trust the testimony of a non-christian without scaring them with a holy book and damnation.


I affirm.


I don’t think any one swears on the bible….. they swear with there right hand and say the phrase the person tells them too… I am not sure… good question


Actually, it’s pretty rare these days to swear on a bible in a court. You raise your right hand and make an affirmation. You can request it not say “so help me god.” You can also choose to swear on any book you want; the binding part of it is the oath, not the book.


A Christian should not do this either.
“But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and [your] nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.”
James 5:12


It doesn’t matter in America, because the US discounts the Bible as Law, the court is what is being sweared to. The US like most countries has no higher standard, such as the Bible, so nothing is wrong and everything is right, and vice versa.


It depends on where you live. Most places these days don’t require a book at all.
The “so help me god” part is not part of the swearing in of a witness anymore either.


People who are religious are usually allowed to bring a book if they prefer to be sworn in on a book that has religious significance to them.
Many courtrooms, at least in the US, allow a person to simply give their solemn oath, which is considered just the same as swearing on a Bible or other Holy Book. It’s considered a legally binding oath, and you can be prosecuted for perjury if you break it.
I know a cop who puts his hand on the American flag when he is sworn in. The first time he went to court, he wanted to swear on his badge, and the judge told him he had no way of knowing if he’s a good cop or bad cop, or what that badge means to him. But he did understand swearing on the flag, and my friend has done that ever since.


I ‘am an atheist and i wouldn’t swear on the bible nor on god. i can swear on my self, my family, my country, or whatever, though.


All courts are suppose to say: “Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony that you are about to give……” and they leave off the “so help you, God”. You are actually swearing before the court and not to the Bible or a Spiritual Leader. Basically you are swearing to tell the truth so they won’t put you in jail for lying.


Good question!
I’m sure that, if you tell them you are non-Christian when presented with the Bible, some accomodation would be made (that’s if they even still use the Bible).
the question, however, brings to mind the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where the minister is giving testimony. When presented with the Bible on which the court would have him swear. He stated that he would prefer to swear on his own “Good Book,” which they allowed. He lied in his testimony, later revealing that his Good Book was a dictionary!


If they asked me to swear on the bible or by God then I would refuse as I am of a different faith and thus my oath would be meaningless as it would be made to something I did not believe in. If they wanted me to swear by something I would swear by my heart and my soul. Or swear by truth itself. Since those are things I believe in, things that are vital to my faith they would have more meaning to me then to swear by a book or a God I no longer follow.


they don’t use the bible anymore, you just raise your right hand and swear.

John Chalinder Montana USA

If, for any reason, you don’t want to swear upon a bible, you may ask to simply affirm that your testimony will be as truthful as you can make it. That takes the secular job of jury duty out of the religious realm altogether, and doesn’t compromise you in the eyes of the court. Sometimes, if you make a public deal out of being Wiccan or such, you will be eliminated from the jury ‘for cause’… If you take jury duty seriously, then it’s best to at least look fairly normal and mainstream. And, it is entirely permissable to use any ‘holy book’ for the process, dependinig on your beliefs. It’s the part of the Constitution that deals with ‘freedom of religion’. But, as I said, if you take jury duty seriously and don’t want to be thrown off the jury, and you are Wiccan or Pagan or some other so called ‘fringe’ group, then ask the baliff if you can simply affirm that your testimony will be the truth, to the best of your ability to know the truth.


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