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When you read up stuffs and do research, will the knowledge and info be automatically being absorb into…??

…. ourselves by subconscious mind or do we need to regularly recall and review the knowledge???
to make sure they are there in our mind and we can use them when we need


  1. It depends on what interests us I think. I have forgotten a lot that I have learned — because those things did not interest me.

  2. It will be in the subconscious mind, but it helps to go over it once in a while, so it will come up when we need it. It’s kind of like making a pile of stuff. If you want to get to something easily, you should move it up to the top as you put more stuff on the pile.

  3. Memorizing random knowledge is not always going to commit it to long term memory. This is one of the reasons why teaching for standardized tests is so widely criticized.
    However, if you do research and then have to interpret or analyze the research, you will be more likely to remember it because it’s no longer just random facts and figures.

  4. Repetition is needed to store anything into long term memory. if you read something and repeat it to yourself for a while, it will be stored into long term memory. The good news is, once it’s in your long term memory, it’s there for good. The problem is then being able to recall the information. Keys to helping recall information include associating the new information to something that you already know, using mnemonics, etc. Don’t buy into the subconscious, fall asleep with books on tape playing, load of bologna.

  5. A lot can depend on the individual.
    Some folks have better memory skills / aptitude than others.
    Some folks have what’s known as a photographic memory. Once something is taken in, they have excellent recall, even down to statistical numbers and after long periods of time.
    Personally, my memory for details is terrible (dates, names, song titles, jokes, etc) unless I use the information often. Whether it’s there or not is irrelevant if we can’t recall it. I would have to research and refresh the information to be able to use it. As such, I tend to focus on where to find the information when needed rather than worrying about retaining it. My compromise.


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