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When you pray – how can you tell the difference between your thoughts and god's "voice"?

Same with dreams – how do you know if god is sending a message in a dream or your subconscious mind has “figured something out” and is “letting” your conscious mind in on it.
BTW – scientists have studies and evidence that during deep sleep, we “replay” the events of the day and “prioritize” our memory. Basically, we sift the lessons of the day when we are the most “unconscious”.
During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep – we dream – and the theory there is that is where our imagination is superimposed over our experiences thereby rendering much nonsense but, also, inspired solutions.


  1. the voice is none other than the Self.
    All those who confuse themselves do so because they see themselves as seperate from the Self.

  2. generally, i think Gods thoughts are the ones that seem new to me. This happens to me most when I am praiyng the rosary or in adoration of the blessed sacrament.

  3. when you hear God it is when you see what he has done for you. I mean you don’t actually hear him like you would hear a friend talking to you but sometimes when you hear your conscience you will have him talking to you saying don;t do it or do something that was out of your confort zone. when God does something that you culdn’t do loike make someone like you or somethign then that is hen you hear God saying alright I can do this for you. most of the time GGod can hear you but you canlt hear God. everyone is like that.

  4. Well, God speaks to me with light bulb like truths , that pop into my mind , that I would have never seen , and the ideals are very powerful , and life changing , also since I have the gift to preach , God will give me a ideal , and that ideal will expand and take on a life of it’s own , as I preach , and I learn as I preach , it grows from one little thought .
    And the dreams that I have had from God are prophetic , meaning that He is letting me know events before they happen , so I will choose the right path .
    And God can speak in a voice , I have heard it 5 times , once He spoke to me and told me to take one point at a time , and I did that and came back and won a tennis final when I was down 2-5 in the third set .

  5. Knowing Truth: Scouring eternity for confirmation… Solomon said that God has put eternity in humanity’s hearts… This indicates then the mechanism that God uses to make us certain of the truth or falsity of any relevant statements we can analyse… Our being can scan eternity, by God’s enablement, for any evidence to the contrary of any comprehendable statement and if we fail to come up with negative results we can be sure, having scoured all existence, that the statement is in someway true…
    One critical overall discernment necessary for sanity is the ability to discern perceptions as different from imaginations. Imaginations are not knowing when the events apprehended occurred in shared reality if they are / will do / have done, whereas perception knows when the events actually occur or are fulfilled…

  6. It is not so much God’s Voice as God’s Word(s).
    No matter what the answer, an answer from God will ALWAYS ‘line up’ with what has already been revealed in the bible.
    For example, suppose you pray about getting a divorce. The answer you get is, “Do it! File for divorce!”. But Malachi 2:16 says, ” ‘ I hate divorce’, says the Lord God of Israel” Therefore, the “answer” you received is NOT from God. It may come from you; it could come from a demon.
    It is imperative that you know and understand the Bible before you begin to pray, in order that you powers of discernment may be heightened.

  7. Answering that question is like telling a mother to be how she will feel for her child after she gives birth. You can’t explain it in sertain terms. Christians believe it is the Holy Spirit that guides them. For instanse if you are tempted to steal, knowing you won’t get caught it isn’t your conscious mind leading you not to do it. Its something deeper then that. Some people would chalk this up as “learned behavior” ,but just as you may have learned that stealing is bad you can also have learned that stealing is exceptable. So which part of your brain would you listen to or is it your brain that is speaking at all? You can teach your brain to do meny things, but you can’t teach your brain to make choices for you. Don’t over estamate the 10 percent of the brain most people use. As far as the power of the Holy Spirit when it speaks you will know. You will feel a conviction.


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