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When you meditate, do you see the purple light, and what is the green light?

In my studies it said when one closes his eyes, he will see a
purple light, and to welcome it. It gets bigger then, and one can
feel it on his face.
I’ve had bad experiences with green demons. Heard there is something about the Green Ray that is dangerous. But the
color of the Heart Chakra is green? Does evil energy run
rampant in the emotional area of the Cosmos?
Lately, the purple light has been accompanied by a gold light which is supposed to be angelic. Purple is the color of
ascended masters. But I sometimes see a green light that
looks like it is interfering.
Why can’t people contemplate the concept of adversarial lifeforms? Niether New Age nor even Trdaitional religious people
want to even consider it. I mean they say there is evil, but don’t care about how to combat it!


  1. Yes, I see that purple light not only when I am meditating, but also when I am trying to view an aura. The green color is the color of the heart chakra and it represents healing energy, compassion and love.

  2. You shouldn’t read so much into all of these colors. If you were seeing lots of colors when you weren’t under the influence of drugs, it would mean that your brain is telling you that things are there which are not. Do you really want your brain to tell you that there are things here which aren’t there? If your visual perception is being altered could your conceptual perception be altered to an even greater extent? And if it is, then this is probably in an unnatural, and likely unhealthy, manner (don’t you agree?). I have one philosophy: to do what is wise. That is like a mantra to me: to do what is wise. I think it offers a good balance of rationality, emotion, and intuition. The most general knowledge/wisdom is the most beneficial.

  3. First I would ask if the purple is more of a indigo or a violet color (indigo being more of a bluish purple and violet being more of a reddish purple). Indigo is the color of the 6th chakra of the mind’s eye (psychic power) and violet is the color of the 7th chakra of the crown (spirituality). If green is interfering with you seeing another color it might mean that your heart (feelings) is getting in the way of the other.
    I wouldn’t look for an external source of the meaning of the green light but an internal source of it as meditation is about self discovery.
    Blessed Be )O(

  4. I see both of those and occasionally a red light. The predominate colour is purple with bands of green ( Circles ) surrounding it. I’ve never seen a golden light to my conscious awareness. To my way of thinking evil is the absence of good, it doesn’t exist in the light of goodness just as dark is merely the absence of light. This is the simplist way to combat evil. Never allow the good that occupies Your heart to be absent and evil can never manifest. I like simple, simple seems to work best, for me at any rate. Take care.

  5. I think there is so much evil in the world, but I think that it is all in us. The demons and the angels are us. Maybe when you meditate you huck up on the collective uncountious where all the archetypes of demonic deeds of humanity gather. And also as someone said above: the green color and demons might be about yourself. Your hart chakra and its blockages. But that is not only an internal thing. It is external as well. All issues that we have comes from bagground and culture.

  6. when i am on the bus i see magenta light.i have also seen magenta and sometimes purple light,at night.now in my apt.i am seeing green light.and i am having visions of Jesus with white hair.eyes like copper.i also time to time have dreams of UFO’S.FLYING RIGHT OUT SIDE MY WINDOW.I RECENTLY had a vision of GREEN UFO’S.SPRAYING down green light over small town’s.some of them look organic in nature.i am getting a good feeling.i do not believe they mean me harm .their not evil.i believe they really are hear.i am not crazy nor on drug’s.also when the T.V.and the radio and the computer is off.through the music i hear angelic music.i believe i am being contacted.maybe because i live in the city that could be why. they don;t make direct contact.the gov.could be scaring them off.] [what do you think.please let me know.maybe you could tell me something i don’t know./


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