When you look inward what do you see?

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looking back at you?
Is it regrets of the past that you can’t let go of?
Or is it forgiveness for your past infractions?
We all screw up at some point,but learning from our mistakes can help us clear the slate and begin anew.
My favorite sugar packet quote:
Experience is a wonderful thing; It enables us to recognize a mistake when we make it AGAIN.
I laughed when I read it,but the truth in those simple words has stayed with me for 15 years and I try better now to make my mistakes only once.
Doesn’t ALWAYS work, but it keeps me honest……(sigh)….and clear of karma.

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Burt C

I am in a great place now,,After learning from my mistakes…I moved on and became a better person……No regrets


when i look inward, i see heartache – so i don’t.


When I look inward, I get somewhat creeped out. I consider what I really am (a sack of chemicals and impulses that even I don’t understand) and I become nervous. I try to focus outward, because if I turn too far inward, it gets messy.


I see my to do list for the day and think about solutions for problems. Or I daydream about stories I want to write.

Cat Lady

When I look inward, I see an intelligent, rather opinionated person who is kind to little animals.
I like myself.


on the flip side i see
so thats where u get ur philosophies huh?
sugar packets
maybe i need to stop buying sugar in the bulk


i see a totally and untterly confused person that cannot decide what they want to do with thier life or who they want in their life.


well that is true because look here you are 15 yrs. later looking at what you read.

lori t.(finally free)

lol @ ms.d
I see infinite possibilities.Within myself.Many mistakes, of course, but strength above all.And courage that I have only just found!

SteveC2 (Pres of MPG's)

my life
Get some sex will ya


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