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When you know someone is looking at you – is that telepathy?

Ok people – we have all done it. Have you ever looked at JUST ONE PERSON in a crowd – who happened to have his or her back turned to you at the time – and that person IMMEDIATELY looked back at you?
If he or she had their back turned to you – how did they know that someone was looking at them in the first place? And how did they know to look at YOU – the very person who was looking at them – in a room full of crowded people?
I can only assume that we have some rudimentary 6th sense, that lets us know when someone is watching us. It might even exist among animals. I suspect it may have evolved among humans, as part of a “predator – prey” relationship among the other animals.
In other words? An animal that KNOWS it is being watched by a predator, even though there is no direct evidence of a predator, would have a unique evolutionary advantage.
Has is ever been studied or measured? Or quantified? Or verified?


  1. i think you just “feel” eyes on you, like when you kno someone just entered the room, even if they dont make a noise, its their “presence”

  2. I agree with you.
    We all give out vibes and pick up on vibes.
    Not telepathy though that is communicating messages or thoughts from one mind to another.
    If you look at me on the subway and I happen to look at you at the same time I can’t read your mind and you can’t read mine. I just sensed you were looking at me. That’s all.
    Isn’t the human mind fascinating?

  3. Humans can involuntarily make contact by telepathy. It has happened to me before. It all has to do with quantum physics. Thought is consisted of microscopic particles about 100 times smaller than the normal atom. Those thought particles are generated by our…well….thought! Sometimes when we think a certain thing it stimulates those particles and somewhere (no matter where or who in the world) someone else’s thoughts go to your thought. It is like they are all connected! So between people you can think a certain thing (anything!) and they can pick up on it. Whether it’s they suddenly know you are looking at them or they feel as if you told them something through telepathy.
    Of course this is all scientific theory but I believe it!

  4. great question !!
    “yes” … I would have to call it a form of telepathy.
    Just wanted to add a “memorable” instance when I was a a “Wild Animal PArk” in an area where “big cats” were in “naturalistic” settings, and there was a VERY big panther I think laying down … watching the people .. and I suddenly felt him/her lock eyes on me and I DEFINITELY felt as tho this animal saw me as “prey”, although there was barrier-terrain in place which made me totally “safe”.
    But the immediacy of *feeling* was unmistakeable, even if I was visually aware of te panther’s eyes looking, there was a part of my brainstem which *knew* that a predator had me in its sights.
    I wish I knew of “clinical data” to support this perception (and I have also experienced the example of which you write … we used to sit in movie theaters before the lights would go out .. the competition was “get “person-X” to turn around and look back”
    the results we observed as kids was fairly compelling.
    I hope you get good answers

  5. i don’t know but i once looked at someone on an airplane and he knew i looked and he started staring at me it was very disturbing.

  6. Having been on both the transmitting and receiving end of this phenomena, I have noticed that the receiver does not “consciously” know they are being looked at.
    I have turned around for what I thought was no particular reason and looked into the eyes of someone looking at me. But I don’t think I have ever known in advance that that was why I was turning around.
    Also I have looked at the back of people’s heads and made trhem turn around and look into my eyes. But it doesn’t work on everybody. I suppose the person has to be in a relaxed receptive state and not focused on anything.
    So… is it telepathy? I have also done some telepathy experiments trying to transmit simple images to another person.
    Something is going on with the turn around thing. Calling it “telepathy” implies we know what it is and I am pretty sure we don’t know what it is. But I am also sure that there is a lot no one has explained so far about our minds and reality and dreams and so forth.
    A lot of us are investigating these phenomena in our lives. The only thing I can say is stay interested and don’t just give up. I am sure that one day there will be a Newton or Einstein of the mind that will make some major theoretical breakthrough in explaining it. But right now we are like people were before they discovered how to use electricity. We see the lightning bolts but we don’t know how to make electric lights yet.

  7. I think you should read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It totally gives hints and clues to the secret inner-mechanics of the mind. It’s all tangible information too.

  8. I’ve had the same experience several times in the past. I’ll feel that someone is watching me even when I’m looking in the completely opposite direction that they are. I have no idea what it really is, I guess I would just call it instinct.

  9. I think you have to look also at how many times it DOESN’T happen. If you focus only on the “hits”, you’ll get a distorted picture of how often it really happens. As others have said, it’s bound to happen at least some of the time just by chance.
    So start counting the times you look at someone and they DON’T turn around and look at you.

  10. It fairly regularly happens to me (eg when travelling on London Underground) that I suddenly turn my head to see that one person from a group is looking straight at me. This head turning is a reflex action (I don’t “decide” to do it); I have no idea how long that person may already have been looking at me before I turned; and I have no inkling of what they’re thinking (though staring at a complete stranger is in itself a rather unfriendly/ intrusive act, to my sensibilities). My head turning is not preceded by any “feeling of being watched”. I have noticed that the phenomenon seems to happen most often when my thoughts are “elsewhere”. Once at work many years ago I quickly looked round and saw 3 pretty female co-workers standing together on the other side of the office staring at me, this seemed slightly sinister.
    I don’t believe in telepathy, nor any other “sixth sense” (there are just five), mainly because I can’t think of any plausible mechanism by which it might work. The most likely explanation here seems to be what some other posters have alluded to:- namely that as we don’t keep our heads perfectly still you’d expect on a statistical basis to catch someone’s eye occasionally when you turn your head, especially in a group situation where after all each person must be looking in some direction or other. And there is no reason to suppose that this phenomenon happens more often than bare statistics would predict.


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