When you hug Trees, can you sense God, Jesus, YHVH, Buddha, Pan, Fauna, Idun, Cernunos, or any other Deity?

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Epona Willow

*tree hugger here*

magley64, magzâ„¢ if ya *scoff*

i sense termites?


only when i smoked it.

tawaen, Incarnatrix of Evil

Not really.
But I can sense that I’ll need to do laundry later. 😀
(I hug trees because it calms me.)


do you smell piss ?
Cause i just took 1 there.

Inanimate Girl

I can sense splinters.


Just the sight of brown-ness, and the distinct feeling of woody sap. And bird poop. I can see that stuff, too. I mean, unless that’s one of the gods you listed…


No, I thank God for created the tree and for making it so beautiful for me, though.


I do feel a sense of the Divine whenever I’m in a forest grove, or among nature. For that reason, I’m working on a small shrine in a forest. Almost nobody goes there, and it’s just a private spot where I can feel in touch with my own spirituality.

Soul For Sale.

No..just a tree.


The God and the Goddess can certainly be sensed in nature, not necessarily when hugging trees. It’s the entire point of Wiccan theism.

Kytes W

You couldn’t sense Buddha. He was in somewhere out of this world.

hippy hunter2

no, but i can sense the ticks biting me!
f’n ticks!!!!!!!!


Later, I sense the poison oak that I walked through to get to the tree.

Set upon Stone

I hugged a tree today. a Hawthorne, seemed appropriate on account of it still being may and spring and all that. I felt the resident Dyrad inside. That was a nice part of the day.


No, the last time I hugged a tree I sensed that the other people in the park were pointing and laughing.


The Spirit of the grove. Doesn’t have to be a big thing to be sacred.


No, because I am just hugging a tree.


When I hug trees, I sense how far we’ve come from Animism, and further, I realize how things move in cycles. I guess its time for one of Nietzsche’s “eternal returns”.

Dale R. Gowin

Sometimes it is possible to telepathically converse with the spirit of the tree. This spirit might be viewed by some as a deity. Everything alive has a spirit or psychic presence that can be sensed if one pays attention in the right way.


I’m mostly too busy trying to sense little insects crawling on me.
Actually, I rarely hug trees, due to the insect factor. They creep me out.


No. I only sense the tree as a conscious entity that is unique to itself and not a human consciousness.

Ymmo JPA

I try to sense the spirit that lives inside the tree. It’s not a deity though.


Don’t hug trees–too rough. But I’ve seen Gods in a forest.

Raji the Green Witch

I sense the Being that IS the Tree and through that I am able to sense the presence of Goddess and God. But, NO, I don’t directly sense Goddess or God themselves. It’s more laong the lines of sensing the connection between the Spirit of the Tree and its relationship with the divine the is immanent in ALL things. However when walking through the forest as an entirety I certainly CAN sense the all-pervading presence of Goddess and God.
Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch

Been there, Done that!

No. When I hug a tree, I feel love. I feel like I’m being loved back. Sometimes I can feel like the tree I am hugging.
A tree who has felt many winters and heard much laughter and has seen many Springs. Sometimes, I feel and hear nothing. Once in a while, I feel something slowly inching up my leg, slithering from side to side upward onto my inner thigh and,..
Tahuti quit it!
You shall have your dance at the prom,..smile.
Raji, How are your hips doing, warming them up for the prom I hope! tehe


Not as such…
But I do feel honored at the connection I share with another living thing.

raccoon kisses

I feel energy…. and calmness…… I wish I could hug every thing and get that…. 🙂

John W

Splinters myself.


Feel of peace and relief


I sense well-being. Where it comes from who knows? It might be some deity or it might be simple inter species bonding and have a biological root.
A lot of the things we have decided are to do with God a lot of the time are as much to do with biology as anything else. Perhaps in the end, they are one and the same.


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