When you had that Spiritual awakening from our Lord and Master?

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Did the battle begin?
How will you win?
What weapons are there to use?
What is the reward?

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Was playing COD when I realized…
I can eat cereal while playing COD

Moon & Star

Actually I awoken my spirituality, and guess what? No bible or god involved.

One More Year Nick! (2)

I’ll guess that a bunch of night elf women will be the rewards for the victors.
It’s how the victors get rewarded after every battle involving mythical creatures.

Mark and Mjöllnir

There is no battle
There are no winers or losers
Love is all you need
No reward just another day alive
Beyond belief

Nummits and Crummits

What battle is this you speak of, submissive follower of Yahveh?

Doppel ganger #13

My only lord and master is Foamy the squirrel.

Arizona Knight Wolf

Did the battle begin?–No, my “reverse spiritual awakening” actually ended the war. I became convinced irrevocably that GOD IS A MYTH.
How will you win?-I’ve already won. And I am a much better person for it.
What weapons are there to use?-The Brain was the only weapon used.
What is the reward?-Peace. Great god almighty, Peace at llong last!


The battle did begin. The first thing that happened after I was called, was that a witch moved in next door to me. He came to my door and introduced himself and I could tell by one whiff that I didn’t like him and even turned him down on inviting himself in, then he pulled out a bible and asked if I liked to read. I let him in and we read the book together. IT wasn’t until later that he revealed that he hung out with witches. It was wierd that we read scripture together all the time. I think he was sent to tempt me. He was always trying to get me to go see the witches show and I always refused. Well,, not enough space here for the whole story, but the devil chases after the ones that God loves. It strengthened me to know that I am protected from the likes of them


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