When you go through a spiritual awakening, does it bring you back to your childhood if there were problems?






  1. I dint know whether you have heard it or you have experience it. It is true first and for most more higher you go purer you become innocent you become like a child you can see that in many saints eyes too.
    so far as child hood problems are concerned you don’t get those problems when you reach the heights. but if those experiences were meant for you to learn some lesson and you did not learn from that problem than it will keep coming back again and again. not necessary child hood events any can come back.

  2. It can, if there’s something there for you to process and release. That’s the point of it. To process, and then release so you can live in the present.

  3. No, it does the exact opposite. It brings you to the here and now. This moment, The past will be gone. Sometimes you may need to experience anger and pain from child hood, but thats not the awakening. because your mind goes to an imaginary pastt. You are already present, just see it and you are awake

  4. Depends on whether or not it’s your first spiritual awakening.
    With me, my spirit has a habit of going to sleep if i don’t keep it interested.

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