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When you get a solution from your subconscious mind, do you ever make the mistake of thinking it is God?

Talking to you? A common mistake, of course.


  1. Many religious people mistake their own Subconscious resolve as knowledge that’s been given to them by their Gods and Goddess ,,,Or some sort of Spiritual divination

  2. No. Because I already know that in my mind God doesn’t exist. When I make a decision or Solution from my subconscious mind, I would be responsible for the outcome and nobody else.

  3. People shouldn’t discount the possibility that it could be.
    But, they should also not be to certain that it is.

  4. No, I don’t make that mistake. I know it’s Him. I know I’m not that smart to come up with all the solutions I get.

  5. Why should you consider yourself to be separate from the one you call God? If the answer came from your subconscious, then just assume that it came from the one source.

  6. It’s so common that the command is in the Bible to “Test all things, and see if they are of God.” God only says to be motivated by and show extreme love. If it doesn’t say that, it’s wrong. A lot of people don’t know how to do that and are afraid of anything new, so they measure it against their scriptures.

  7. Talking to me? No. But neither you nor I can prove that God didn’t put his two cents’ worth of inspiration into the subconscious.


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