Home Discussion Forum When you do a tarot reading, who do the cards face?

When you do a tarot reading, who do the cards face?

If you do a reading for someone else do the card face you or them?


  1. they face you, obviously, since your the one reading them, you have to be able to look at them easily in order to interpret them quickly and accurately

  2. well one thing that you will notice with tarot cards is that whatever you do, is your own personal way of doing it, and it’s usually whatever makes you comfortable.
    you may have it facing you since you are the one reading it, or choose to have it facing the person whom the reading is for so that they can see their results.
    i usually have it facing the person since i want them to be as much a part of the process as they can. i like to ask them what they think the symbols mean, along with my interpretation.

  3. Well there really is no right or wrong way, since it is all a matter of personal taste and what feels right to you, but typically they should be facing the reader as to make it easier to interpret the cards.

  4. I have been reading and teaching the tarot for over 20 yrs and I always read them facing me. This is the easiest way to read them especial for a beginner.

  5. The cards would face the Reader for self readings and the cards would also face the Reader when doing readings for others unless that Reader happens to be experienced enough to be able to read with the cards facing the client like I can. I have found that reading this way makes it much easier to explain the cards to the client instead of having to turn each card around to face them.
    Joy to you,
    Maralee Fox-Heins

  6. I think it makes sense to have them facing you. After all, you wouldn’t read a book upside down even if you were reading it to someone else.

  7. They should face the person who is reading the cards. This is really important as often in a reading some of the cards may be reversed (upside down) and you need to make sure that you are reading the cards the right way up. This is essential as depending upon which way the cards fall can dramatically alter their meaning. Make sure the cards face the reader.


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