when you die can you choose reincarnation or can choose to hang around with your relatives?

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I am curious on others views can you choose to come back or can you lay around with others from your past?

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♥ŠΛҒİ♥ ☼Ầтĥěαтi☼

Can I be a ghost? If that’s an option, that’s the one I’d pick.


No. You keep coming back (reincarnation), until you get it right to be enough like Jesus, and then only can you go home.

Craig W. Dressler

The Bible says: “It is appointed once for a person to die and after that the judgment.” Reincarnation is not true. If you believed in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and walked closely with him(by attending church, regularly reading the Bible, listening to Christian music,etc.), then you have the hope of heaven. Those relatives who believed Jesus died on the cross to take away their sins will be heaven with others who also believed.



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