When you die and you feel that inner peace as you slowly lose consciousness?





will god keep your brain pumped with endorphins just to make sure you high in heaven?


  1. (Ecclesiastes 9:5) For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten.
    (Ecclesiastes 9:10) All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in She??ol, the place to which you are going.

  2. We all live on different planes, our perceptions differ, subtly or hugely from one another, our times and manner of death differ, and where we emerge post demise differs. Accounts of post death, or near death experiences differ for this reason. Life and death modes vary from one individual to the next. The deeply religious or spiritual therefore report contradictory experiences for this reason. It is a little investigated phenomena for many reasons, one being the effect of education causing loss of imaginative or visionary aptitude in thinking. Yes.

  3. Good question. I’m not sure what the devil’s gonna be pumping into you or what he’s gonna be using to do the pumping, but I’m sure it ain’t gonna be pleasant.

  4. I´ve had a ´´close call´´ twice in my life.
    Today is one year anniversary of my leg injury, which i suffered after a van slammed in me, crossing the road.
    My leg above the ankle was almost severed and i felt no pain at all.
    Love to be that high anytime 🙂
    I think, those who believe in heaven deal and go there after suffering some sort of injury, illness, must be flying there.

  5. I do not know about being high, but what I do know, is that when you begin to feel the peace, and you’re on the way out of this world, you apparently remain the same mentally. I did anyway. It came during an asthma attack, but they brought me back from the edge in the ambulance. I am quite surprised at how peaceful it felt. I thought I’d be struggling to the end to breathe, and there was no emotional strain either.
    I am ready to go since I have known Christ, but I have seen others that did not, and they were scared as anything. For them, it was not peaceful.

  6. I would hope heaven is passing out some sort of drugs.
    If not, I know for sure hell will. Since I’m hell-bound, I guess I’ll be dropping acid with Hitler in the after-life.

  7. you dont have to die to feel the inner peace.If you can keep your mind blank for 2 minutes you will be able to feel it.you should not even be thinking that you are keeping your mind blank.its possible only by repeated attempts at meditation in a quiet place without anything worrying you and time not being a constraint!

  8. You think that’s peace your feeling, but what your really feeling is your body shutting down & losing consciousness.

  9. NO, it will be more like what Plato and Socrates report as common even 2500 years ago, without religion
    “For let me tell you, Socrates, that when a man thinks himself to be near death, fears and cares enter into his mind which he never had before; the tales of a world below and the punishment which is exacted there of deeds done here were once a laughing matter to him, but now he is tormented with the thought that they may be true: either from the weakness of age, or because he is now drawing nearer to that other place, he has a clearer view of these things; suspicions and alarms crowd thickly upon him, and he begins to reflect and consider what wrongs he has done to others. And when he finds that the sum of his transgressions is great he will many a time like a child start up in his sleep for fear, and he is filled with dark forebodings. ”
    Maybe you are tring to pull others into your darkness. That smell ? It’s sulfur.

  10. Seriously how the Fu*k should I know? Your asking a question to dead people and last time I checked I’m still breathing. However I do appreciate the points.

  11. I remember very little as I was only 2. I remember seeing everyone rushing around the ER trying to get me back…..then a rush as I slammed back in my body. I was clinically dead for 5 minutes

  12. You’ll feel the inner peace once you’ve completely keeled over. Your energy from your soul and help from others that are on the other side will hellp guide you to your peace.

  13. Your funny, no God will not allowed no one to be high we have to be pure and free from sin.
    But about the inner peace don’t know I haven’t experience that feeling yet.

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