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When you book an appointment to see a psychic medium how do the spirits know? ?

How do the spirits know where they have to go and what time they have to show up?


  1. lol funny question, I have both given readings, received readings and communicated with spirits.
    I wont go into detail if you want detail message me, but everyone can communicate with spirits, when you want to talk to one you just talk, you can say it in your mind (telepathic) or out loud just keep the intent to send the message to that spirit and they will hear it like they are right there talking to you.
    If you are telepathically receptive then you should be able to hear the response. If not the spirit may leave other clues for you.
    As directly to your question, the spirits do not know of the appointment and come when they are called. If you give more detail I could give a better answer, for instance what kind of spirit?

  2. well i’d say they know because they see u make the appointment.sometimes they contact the medium first. which happens more times than you’d think. that is the times when the spirit person contacts the medium.

  3. that’s a very good question. The only thing I know is that time is belongs to the physical world, it just works differently over there. So angels can be in all places at once, because they’re not held down by time. I’m assuming spirits can as well.
    I also know that it’s as simple as thinking about a deceased loved one and they show up, quick as that.
    And of course, loved ones still look after us even after death, they’re always close by. Emotions never die, you take your love with you.
    So, I think for spirits, it isn’t a matter of when and where. i think they just show up if they’re not already around you. Spirits who have urgent messages to get across will likely already be with you.

  4. Wow! This is a huge mystery! Could it be the fact that spirits surround you ? Fact is your spirit guide does the helping with coordinating things between the spirits and the reader or medium.

  5. haha, good question. I think all spirits can show up at any given time to any psychic or medium, and this is because they simply are pretending to talk to the spirits. The person paying for the session can’t possibly know if the medium is real or fake.

  6. As a full time, professional medium and clairvoyant I can tell you what most credible mediums will tell you. I don’t snap my fingers and the souls show up. They snap their fingers and I show up.
    In other words, if anyone makes an appointment with me it’s because they were inspired by their loved one(s) who have passed away to do so. Mediums are their last resort for getting their messages across, not their first. They try a number of ways to let you know that they are alive on the Other Side and still with you. However, if they have a message you need to hear, and they can’t get through to you, they’ll try to get you to see someone like me.

  7. I’m not so sure they do. Back in the day when I was still exploring and trying to decide what was real and what wasn’t I booked with a medium and paid 125.00 in advance. He was supposed to be the best around. No spirits showed up for me. He was pulling out all kinds of dumb stuff that made no sense at all. Yet I had a message from my deceased Mom delivered to me from someone that I never paid a dime. If a spirit wants to get a message to you they will, no need to pay anyone. Just keep your mind, eyes, and ears open. Talk to the person you want to hear from and ask them to send you a sign. Do it every day and don’t get discouraged, it can happen.

  8. Hello
    You are spirit, you have many guides with you, so does the psychic, we are all connected.
    see profile 🙂

  9. Maybe they know in advance, through energy they are connected when needed to show up. I will go with the 2nd idea.

  10. Didn’t you know that money and credit cards have possessed spirits attached to them?
    They do!
    And the psychic medium will help eliminate all those bad spirits one dollar at a time……….
    So don’t think of it as a con artist taking money from you and telling you what it is that you want to hear.
    Think of it as a spiritual release from your money.

  11. Psychics/mediums are like beacons to the spiritual realm and time is totally different there. As a spirit, when you want to see someone, you basically just have to think of them, focus on them and you are there. We also have guides and Angels watching over us, who help facilitate such things.
    The same thing can happen while you are waiting in the line at McDonalds. 🙂 If you have a real medium standing in front of you in line and there is a spirit that wants to talk to you, it is very possible that person is being bugged to death to turn around and say something to you.
    They don’t always wait until you go get a reading. 😉


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