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When you become extremely "self-aware" and clarity is rampant. Is this my "final frontier?"

There is a spiritual shift happening on our earth and many others feel this. This feeling I have had when I became “spiritually awakened was the ” I am going to die soon” feeling. I am not afraid at all if it happens. My boyfriend has had the same thought about himself. Are there others who feel this way?
That was good, you are “self-aware”.
Yes, I am one with God and there is no worry of death. He is with me always.
Well now I have 855 score and just saw 2:22 38 minutes ago……
Clarity is rampant….my mind is powerfully clear and gets clearer each day.
Death of the ego yes, but physical death from our earthy bodies…..
No, we never die when we have a “true awakening”, but we physically die and leave our earthly bodies..


  1. I’ve been through moments of extreme self awareness and clarity. But, no, I don’t have an overwhelming feeling that I’m going to die soon. Although I did feel an eminent need to answer this question to change my points from 666. LOL!

  2. We will die yes but to know when that I have no idea. I had that feeling before but I realized its not a spiritual awakening. The true spiritual awakening is when you felt that you and God are one..no more praying on a scheduled time, you don’t worry all the time and you do what you do without thinking of the consequences (i don’t mean including criminal acts)…more like on your day to day life.
    —- i had 666 score yesterday too! hahaha! —-

  3. tsk… thats irony isnt it, we walk around in a daze for years yearning for answers to sub-terrainian thoughts… then all of a sudden someone switches the light on & then you wonder what is the next step – leaving you kind of powerless! i’ve pondered this myself. All ive come up with is the KateBush cloudbusting sample ….” i just know that something good is gonna happen”…..

  4. I wonder what you mean by clarity is rampant. My understanding is that in true awakening, the realization that we are spiritual beings who’s essence never dies becomes our existence. Perhaps the sense of dying is directed to the death of the ego, whose demise must occur if one is to awaken.


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