Home Discussion Forum When you Astral travel how do you see and hear....?

When you Astral travel how do you see and hear….?

When you have left your ears and eyeballs behind with the rest of your physical body?


  1. How do you see and hear in dreams?
    Mention God in one of these questions and you’ll get twenty people telling you that a belief in God is just metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.
    Mention any kind of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo in one of these questions, and you get twenty people telling you how real it is.
    I’ve been around long enough to be a lot more skeptical of the fortune-telling-tarot-card-reading-astral-projecting psychics than I am of God.

  2. It’s the same as seeing in a dream. Hearing in the astral, by the way, is less common. When I investigated previous lifetimes I was never able to hear people speaking, although some people do.

  3. Oh, but through the magical silver cord of course! It’s like a mult-dimensional USB cable.
    I await the creative and inventive New Age explanations.

  4. That’s a good question. Eyes work by intercepting photons of light. Ears work by mechanical vibration arising from physical sound waves. Obviously neither of these mechanisms are at work in the non-physical spirit or “astral” world. By that same token, spirit entities would not be able to see, hear, smell, etc., either. I guess a dedicated believer has to postulate that there are some unknown kind of “spirit senses” which take over in the spirit realm, but one of the key indicators that you’re merely inventing things is that you find yourself having to create numerous ad hoc conjectures just for the purpose of keeping the idea afloat.

  5. You’re being “overly skeptical”.One must put questions like these aside.There are plenty of things science doesn’t explain.People believing in silly things is one of them.


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