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when you astral project, is your 'soul' literally going to that place or are you just focused on seeing it?

Cause it’s linked to lucid dreaming, but if you’re dreaming i’m pretty sure you don’t leave your physical body but if you astral project are you truly leaving your physical body?


  1. To be absent from the (carnal), is to be presant with the Giver of it the LORD…..Yes your soul leaves this Clay Vessle…..

  2. Astral projection is a meditative state as which ure soul leaves your body..when you astral project u leave behind ure physical body and journy to the places,planes,or deminsons u wish to go…ive had experience…usualy when u begin to astral project ure body starts vibrating and ure mind will start crossing thoughts..like ull be able to acutaly hear ure thoughts clearly,,,then u hear a loud whistling sound in ure ear….most of the time ull hear screamings in ure ear…just ignore it…then ull feel ure soul depart from ure body like ure legs will be in the air…once that happens just get up and walk…ull be able to see ure self laying in ure bed…tr to be at least 10ft away cuz ure body will try to suck ure soul back in cuz its not used to it being departed..if u want to go back to ure body just move ure physical finger…ull be able to control ure astral and physical body at the same time…idk how but u do…so yea once u astral project ull have the freedom to go any were u want…from the center of the universe to a different plane…oh yea 1 more thing thers a silver cord like an umbilical cord that coneects ure astral body to ure physical body…if it breaks u wont be able to get back to ure body. so yea does that explain ure question?


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